5-Year Old Flower Girl Diaries

The dress they made me wear was not what I had imagined. I thought I would be wearing a yellow flowered sun dress but instead here I am sitting miserably and itchy, behind the couple in front of the altar and all I wanted to do was take off this hideously laced white dress.

And to top it off they matched it with white shoes!

At this point I wanted to run off and away from the crowd of people behind me. I was itchy, hungry and I really needed to pee again, for the third time, in fifteen minutes!

I started to get up but I could hear my mom whispering behind my back
to stop fidgeting. I turned around and made a face at her and ran through the red carpet out into the streets while people behind roared in laughter.

I was done with weddings. I was done wearing this itchy, silly, lacy, white dress and I mean why did we have to sit for hours? And why did we have to dress in white? And why do we get to sit in front of the priest?

I was scared of priests. I could still hear the people laughing as I streaked past their church benches as I struggled to reach the parish doors.

Finally, I was outside and I smiled wickedly because my mom or sisters did not come get
me but instead only looked at me as if I was an interesting object to look at. My sisters looked content and happy in their white laced dresses and they sat fanning themselves next to my mom and dad.

Now they looked like a perfect family.

Then, someone tapped me on the shoulder. I turned around and stared into brown eyes, brown skin, raggedy red dress and dark, shoulder-length hair. She must have been 8 years old!

She asked me where I was going as she swung a flower basket that I had just noticed, so I told her, “to the bathroom!” as I looked at the flowers. And then,, looking at her suspiciously, I asked in return,

“Why would you want to know?”

She told me she can lead the way so I figured she was alright. I looked at her disdainfully and told her that I don’t talk to strangers. 

“But I’m your cousin, silly! I’m Julie!”

I looked back into the church to see if people reacted but I just saw my mom staring at us with a blank expression with no alarm so she must know this raggedy girl.

I finally said, “Ok, I really need to go now!” while I squirm with the desire to pee.

Julie led the way down the steps and made a right turn into a bush. I followed her expecting some secret entrance or tunnel but she pointed behind the bush and told me to go there while she kept watch. I looked at her in disbelief but I realized I really had to go so I followed her instructions and squatted behind the bush.

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