I Wish You Well

I met her when I was in college. We weren’t really what you call “close” friends but we understood each other enough to like and respect each other mutually.

She had her own group of friends as did I, and we all knew each other’s friends that it was never rare that we ended up hanging out within the same group.

I admired her a lot. She was tall, light-skinned, of Chinese descent and so she was also foreign looking. Her parents were doctors and just knowing that fact, plus her intentions of going to medical school right after made me even more conscious of how I stack up to her.

Yes, I never fell short in comparing myself to her. I wasn’t jealous though, I just really thought we came from similar backgrounds yet very diverging paths in each of our future.

The last time I spoke to her was probably 7 or 8 years ago. We kept in touch through social media but we haven’t really had anything to talk about since we graduated college but for some weird and divine reason, I started thinking strongly about her tonight.

I get this bouts of strong feeling and longing for people from my past and wonder if they are doing well and if they ever thought about me too, even for a little.

So I looked for her social media profile and realized that she hasn’t updated anything for almost 2 years now. It made me feel sad that I couldn’t just find out how she was doing after college, and find out if she ever got married and started a family, or if she ever became a doctor herself. I’m too shy to message her directly and I don’t think she’d reply anyway but I feel so uneasy just leaving our friendship at that, just a memory.

I guess I really have to come into terms that there are people who are just passing by in our lives while some are meant to stay. She might be one of those life visitors but I will never forget what we briefly shared not so long ago.

This passage is dedicated to you, one who I call my friend.

I wish you well.

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  1. This is totally relatable! It made me think of the friends that I made, while living abroad. I believe that everything has a reason and that includes the people we meet. Often they come as a lesson, a friend or an enemy. But nonetheless, I’m on the same boat with you. I often wonder where they are and how far they have come.

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