Playa Del Carmen and the Grand Sunset Resorts

The most beautiful sound in the world to me comes from pure waves crashing onto the shore. It sends my senses into a delightful state as my body begins to unfurl its tightly knotted muscles while my brain unfolds its tightly coiled threads of thoughts signaling the beginning of a vacation. All ready to turn off any sort of thinking, and abandon reality, or at least, postpone it for now, but all I really hear is the sound of Los Angeles coming to life as I wrap up this article at five in the morning on a Tuesday, all the while wishing I was back in my peaceful state, lying on a beach cot somewhere, ice-cold drink in hand and eyes on the aquamarine skies and seas.

Looking back at old pictures are fun too and it makes me look forward to the next time I visit Mexico, which is quickly becoming one of my favorite tropical destination. Both times I visited Playa Del Carmen, I stayed at the Grand Sunset Riviera Resorts and it is not hard to love this place. First off, Playa Del Carmen’s close proximity to Southern California makes the beach getaway at about 4-5 hours only nonstop flight out of Los Angeles International Airport. Once you land in Quintana Roo, the hotels are an easy 15-20 minutes drive.

Flying over the Riviera

Flights starts at about $250 and you can take shuttle private or shared to your hotel, or you can just as easily rent a car for $5 a week. Say what? Yup $5 a week according to I’ve never rented a car each time I’ve been but I will definitely give it a shot the next time I go which is hopefully this coming June, yay!

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The Grand Riviera and Grand Sunset Princess Resorts has got to be the biggest resort(s) I’ve ever stayed at. A week stay will set you back an easy $1400-$2000 depending on what type of room you book. Sometimes, rates go on sale for $160/night guests for a standard room.

Hotel Map

The price is rightly so because this resort has everything you could possibly want in your beach vacation that you won’t want to leave! Although technically not located in Cancun, the resort lies on the Playa Del Carmen beach, a quieter side of the Riviera Maya.

Hotel Lobby

The lobby is expansive and opens into white marbled pathways with halls upon halls of endless shops and offerings standing on either side. There is an indoor water pool and falls that flows out into the oceans, while restaurants sit on the outside so that guests can easily access food and arrive either on foot or by golf carts.

Hotel Lobby

As soon as you enter the main lobby, the smell of the ocean greets you, and the sound of the waves definitely gives off that sense that you are in the Caribbean!

One of the Main Pools

We came at a time where summer was barely starting in the U.S., meaning college kids have not arrived yet so the main pools were mostly deserted (normally a party pool).

Every now and then iguanas dart across the walk ways while chasing insects and sometimes Coatis, both being native to Cancun.

There are 4 buffet restaurants, 7 a la carte restaurants, a chill out bar and grill, beach grill, and bars in each of the pools  that are in service from breakfast until 11pm each day.

One of the Buffet Restaurants that can house up to 450 people

Because this resort is all inclusive, everything is included in your booking, even the a la carte restaurants if you want to forgo the buffet and opt for fine dining.

A la carte restaurants above the buffets, for those looking for finer dining, RSVP only.

Outside, the green lawns make way for white stucco buildings that houses the rooms. Either you get a platinum suite, a junior suite, a family suite, or a suite with a swim out balcony which I thought was wonderful.

Golf carts servicing the hotel

The green golf carts run every 15 minutes and can take you from the main lobby to the beach, while stopping at all the buildings and amenities of the resorts.

Golf carts servicing the hotel

Smaller golf carts are available for those who are checking in or checking out, or those who are being privately serviced.

Valet check-in is available if you book a suite, a guide will also welcome you and explain your accommodations.

Each time I’ve been here, I’ve always stayed at a junior suite since we spend most of the time in the water or laying about at the beach in one of their secluded water front cottages.

Indoor garden and fountain

I love how they designed each building which are thoroughly connected by arched white halls. The whiteness of the place compliments the lush tropical plants and the fountains.

View from the 2nd Floor

A lazy pool faces each building and cabanas line up the path, for guests to enjoy. It usually gets crowded by noon, so I created a cheat by leaving my towels on the chairs in order to “reserve” a cabana. You’re welcome!

Swim out rooms with pool access also have a Jacuzzi in the balconies. I will definitely book one of these rooms the next time I visit this resort.

Swim-out Suite

The pool is endless and goes around the resort, all the way out into the ocean.

Buildings lining up the pool

The food? To die for! There are endless selections of meats, seafood, vegetables, pasta, desserts and beverages that each time you dine, it can easily turn into hours of feasts that you might have to drag yourself out forcefully or risk falling asleep on the tables!

Dining in one of the buffet restaurants

There is a pasta bar and grill station so your food is always cooked fresh.

Fresh pasta station

The buffet seafood and meat selections vary each day, but they always have steak, fish, shrimp, and chicken.

Seafood grill station

The dessert station is always stacked with delicious cakes, flans, and other sweets for you to choose from.

One of the dessert station

And, after a full day of eating, laying out in the beach and relaxing in the water is always a great idea.

Wooden bridge to the beach

I’ve been to Playa Del Carmen in the summer and in the fall, and I can tell you that the water temperature has been warm at both times!

Playa Del Carmen

These particular beach pictures were taken in October, fall season in the U.S., so it was also less crowded, and still summer in Playa Del Carmen!

Playa Del Carmen

This was my favorite spot the entire week we were here. There is a beverage bar behind us for ice cold beer, wine, and other soft drinks for you to enjoy while you relax in the shade.

Beach huts

Wifi does not reach this area so if you are addicted to your phone, I suggest you plan for something else. My choice of entertainment is a good book and a good ice cold drink!

My view for the week

Since we humans are creatures of habits, we claimed this spot for the entire week and people seemed to notice so every time we go to this beach area, the same couples stayed in the same huts around us, leaving this spot entirely for us!

If you do get bored lying around (which I rarely do), the hotel offers free usage of water gears. We opted to rent their kayaks and paddled about for half a day before we decided we would much rather lounge again.

Water activity rental hut behind us

The views are amazing though with turquoise waters that are so clear it was fun kayaking about.

In the middle of the ocean

This was probably the only activity we booked during our fall vacation, most of the time we just ate, swam in the pools, swam in the oceans, laid about in the beach, went out at night for some shopping and to watch live plays after dinner, and repeated this cycle for a week!

In the middle of the ocean

If you want to play volleyball and you are vacationing alone, there’s always an activity guide that can play with you stationed at each activity area (wearing orange or red shorts).

The snack hut is also convenient and grills hamburgers, sandwiches and hot dogs if you don’t want to trudge back up to the buffets.

Cancun itself offers a wide range of activities and has a wonderful night culture but the most interesting part is its history that takes you back into ancient times. We were lucky to visit Chichen Itza, an ancient Mayan civilization site built around 400 AD, but since it is very special and one of the new seven wonders of the world, I will be blogging about it next time! In the meantime, I hope you enjoyed this Playa Del Carmen article and choose to go there, rather than Cancun. It is more secluded, away from the party scene, family oriented, or if you are on a honeymoon, definitely more romantic!

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  1. I’ve recently been through Playa del Carmen and it looks like such a beautiful place. We stayed in Tulum while we were there but if I’m ever back there I think you’ve convinced me to stay in Playa!

    1. Aw thanks Michelle, I love Playa Del Carmen and will take it over Cancun any day as personally, I am more laid back and less of a party person! I am sure you will love it as much as you loved Tulum!

  2. Thanks for sharing, it looks like you had a great time. Did you get a chance to get out for some street food? That was my favourite thing on our trip to Mexico a couple of year ago

    1. Aw I never did, I was always full from the buffet every time we headed out of the resort! I’ll make sure to check out the local food scene this coming June when I visit Mexico City!

  3. This looks so beautiful! I’ve seen a lot about Playa Del Carmen lately as a place for digital nomads to set up shop. Do you get into the city much? Or does the resort keep you prisoner with its pleasures?

  4. Wow, I truly loved how you started this article with a poetic sound and wrap it up with your beautiful experience. The place looks really stunning, with all the amenities of this Hotel, it is truly a place I should see my self to amble around and enjoy all what it has to offer.

  5. Awww this took me back to my own trip to Playa del Carmen! We stayed at a similar resort and had an absolute blast! It’s such a beautiful destination!

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